Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

blog 5.(not finished)

2 – Create a mystery for your classmates to solve in a separate blog. Make note of the key elements of a mystery in the 2 cases. There are multiple suspects with both motive and opportunity and the clues are imbedded in the story.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

blog 3

Wow, I wish the old hag would’ve left me a better chair than that old piece of rotten wood.
Just because I didn’t spend as much time with her as my sister, I’m stuck with this chair, and my sister given all the good stuff.
Eww look it’s falling apart, I cant even sit on it what good does this chair do? Maybe I could sell this.

Oh yummy, oh its already scraped up I don’t need to chew it up. yeah this is way better than that table he has in the living room ,that thing taste like wood polish I’m pretty full now ,ill finish it up later.

Wow im guessing this guy doesn’t know how much money he can really get for this chair, sure it could use some work, well a lot of work. Oh well ill just pay the idiot 100 dollars for his 500 dollar chair ha-ha.

Hmm seems like just last week I was here,oh wait I was! Same old thing every week pick up about 200 people in then go on a long trip back to the home station drop them off then pick up more people in then back to the same station you just left.ugh cant I ever get a break from this ridiculous job? I just wish I could at least rest in the home station for a few days. I mean I’m nice enough to work my whole life for them, and get nothing in return.I wish I was that duck in the sky he can fly anywhere he wants and stop whenever he wants.

Man am I tired, I’ve been flying alone since I left New York yesterday morning. I just got in Georgia, that’s where my family usually stays for the winter I thought I’d see my family but of course I didn’t. I can’t believe they left without me, now I know for sure they hate me. It all started since those stupid little ducklings were born now that’s all they ever think about. I’m hungry and tired and want to go swimming .look at that lady down there she just missed the train I bet her family’s like mine, probably a new human.

Oh my god I cant believe I missed the train by two minutes, it’s his fault. I hate him, alls he ever does is complain about me.
If I’m so horrible why doesn’t he just leave me alone? I wish he would, and then I would’ve made the train. Now what will I tell my boss? Oh I’m so sorry my crazy ex boyfriend showed up at my house right when I pulled out of my drive way, I had to talk a few things out with him it wont happen again .That would be a lie because it would happen again. How I wish I could go and redo some the night I meet him what was I thinking bringing him back to my house.

Yes back on the highway again, I love being here with all the other tires!even though I do get alittle dizzy from so much spinning.
Im not ever going on that highway again ,ever since rose was smashed into the hood of the semi truck..i’m staying as far away as possible from that flying really highhigher higher higher ahh there trucks in the air?